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All of our products are individually hand made right here in Texas with American sourced full grain leather. We always use marine grade polyester thread to withstand heavy use, even in the sun. There are no wimpy breakable snaps, zippers or velcro fasteners on our briefcases, just good 'ol heavy-duty saddle buckles and clips that will hold up forever. We reinforce at all the right spots with rivets and use double thickness leather where called for.
Our handles are riveted to a bag-length metal bar to eliminate sagging and increases carry strength. The compartments and pockets are just the right size for all of your worldly possessions. Our Briefcase even has a hidden compartment to conceal your passport and cash. The tanning process will ensure that your Rustic Leather product will last and last, even if it gets wet. You see, we set out to create one of the toughest, most functional, and durable leather products around. Our skilled craftsmen are trained to triple-check their work and not let any product go that does not meet our strict quality standards. Since we use the finest materials available, we are confident that your Rustic Leather product will last a lifetime with normal use and care. This is to say that carrying your bag daily and chucking it in the back of your vehicle is ok. Leaving it outside in a tropical rainforest for a week while monkeys chew on it probably wouldn't be cool.

Not only are our bags tough, they look, feel, and smell great! We use natural, high vegetable tanned leather which is made by applying natural oils under pressure at high temperature to achieve our rugged finish. The leather will age beautifully over time creating a distinctive patina while the inevitable scrapes and scars will only add to the character and beauty of your Rustic Leather product. Keep in mind that our products are not perfect & shiny like the leather you get at the mall. This is rustic, distressed leather that looks better the more you use it. All of our items are hand sewn & assembled by our team right here in Texas, good 'ol USA. No sweat-shop, child labor, assembly lines, robots or machines (other than man-operated sewing machines) are used to create your Rustic Leather product. All of our items are unique works of art which are made with old world craftsmanship that draws attention and comments wherever you go.
When you buy a Rustic Leather product, you'll have it for life!
If, for any reason you are not satisfied with your Rustic Leather item, please contact us within 14 days of purchase to receive instructions on returning your item. We will issue your choice of an exchange or a refund for the total amount of the items you are returning, excluding shipping. Item must be in new, unused condition and in original packaging.
How easy and risk free is that?
When you buy a Rustic Leather product, you'll have it for life!
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