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Rustic Leather wallets are designed for the traveler, adventurer, and explorer in all of us. Whether traveling across town or across the globe, a Rustic Leather wallet will always be at your side (literally). I use multiple wallets depending on my activity. If I am tramping around town I use a simple Card Wallet, when traveling abroad I always have my Passport Wallet; two very different wallets for two very different needs. I also find that I carry a Shoulder Pouch quite a bit because it allows me to put a bit more inside like my cell phone, check book (yes, I still carry one on occasion), notepad, small camera and my wallet of choice. Yes, a wallet inside a pouch (I'm an organizing maniac). My wife Lisa uses the Cab Wallet exclusively. She likes all the little compartments to hide stuff in. Take a look at our selection and see if one or two are just right for your adventure travels.
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